18 7 / 2012

Review on Great Lash- Lots of Lashes

When I discovered my love of makeup Great Lash was the first mascara I tried. I thought it was OK, but I never really understood the hype around it. So when I went into the local Target, the display for the new great lash “lots of lashes” caught my attention.

There are many things about this product that I both liked a disliked at the same time. For starters, the size and shape of the brush.

The size of the bush makes it easier to get each lash indavidualy but the shape was so odd! the The smaller end would glob some eyelashes and make it almost imposable to get each lash evenly coated. 

I don’t recommend Waring this mascara for long periods of time. After several hours mine started to flake off and it did not reapply smoothly at all! It left my lashes looking anything but desirable to be honest. 

But the one thing it does have going for it is the price! On sale I purchased it for only four dollars. Even full price it is still affordable for a tight budget. 

I give this product a 6/10

(Source: beautyblogingfromthesouth)